Wolfgang Oelze: The Qualm

Wolfgang Oelze: The Qualm
Library Shelf Location 18.OELZ
Publication Date 2014

Motifs of inclusion and smoke are recurring visual elements in the photo and video work of Wolfgang Oelze. They characterise how he visually addresses voids, labyrinths, bunkers, mounds, quarries and catacombs, or fuzzy spots in various spaces, which first come across like places of memory without disclosing the contents of the memory. In some places, slender plumes of smoke arise without a visible source of fire, spreading like ground mist in the scattered sunlight like local ectoplasms, apparitions in haunted locations that invoke no wars, acts of violence, or sacrificial rituals.

ISBN 9783957630957
Quantity 1
Pages 96 PAGES, 24 x 1 x 32.2 cm
Authors Thomas Macho, Jens Asthoff
Format Paperback
Publisher Revolver
Related Artist Wolfgang Oelze
Categories Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team), Photography
Languages German, English

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