Women, the Arts and Globalization

Women, the Arts and Globalization
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Publication Date 2013

Contemporary art is embedded within the structures that characterise globalization - from the transnational circulation of artworks as commodities to the cross-cultural exchange of images, objects and ideas - and the multiple and mobile territories described by these structures are always, already gendered. Women, the Arts and Globalization: Eccentric experience is the first anthology to address these interlinked issues, bringing transnational feminist theory and criticism together with women's art practices in a coherent and sustained discussion of the legacy and trajectory of aesthetics, gender and identity on a global scale. The essays in Women, the Arts and Globalization demonstrate that women in the arts are rarely positioned at the centre of the art market, and the movement of women globally (as travelers or migrants, empowered artists/scholars or exiled practitioners), rarely corresponds with the dominant models of global exchange. Rather, contemporary women's art practices provide a fascinating instance of women's eccentric experiences of the myriad effects of globalization. Women, the Arts and Globalization offers a multifaceted approach to this topic, from a variety of perspectives and positions; some texts argue for paradigm shifts in disciplines, fields or methodologies, others provide first-hand accounts of making art as a border-crossing activity. Some essays take a dialogic, interview form, whilst others use a micro-level mode of 'close reading' to demonstrate how particular works of art can articulate transnational and gendered aesthetics. The book is relevant to artists, art historians, feminist theorists and humanities scholars interested in the impact of globalization on culture in the broadest sense.

ISBN 9780719096716
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Pages 290P; 23.4 x 1.5 x 15.5 cm
Editors Marsha Meskimmon, Dorothy Rowe
Format Paperback
Publisher Manchester University Press
Categories Theory, Surveys of Modern & Contemporary Art
Keywords Art and Globalization, Globalisation, Feminism, Women, Art Market, Art World, Art and society
Language English

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