Women and Media in the Middle East: Power through Self-Expression

Women and Media in the Middle East: Power through Self-Expression
Library Shelf Location 35.SAKR
Publication Date Sep 2004
Description Is today's changing media landscape in the Middle East empowering women? This is the first book to address the dynamics of media ecology and women's advancement in the contemporary Middle East. The book spans a wide period, crosses the region and the media forms, from Iran's women's press, via Maghrebi women filmmakers and Egyptian political films, to Palestinian TV and Hezbollah's television station, Al-Manar. It takes as its starting point the diverse experiences and multi-layered identities of women and treats media institutions and practices as part of wider power relations in society. By analyzing media production, consumption and texts, it reveals where and how gender boundaries have been established or crossed.
ISBN 9781850435457
Quantity 1
Pages 240
Editor Naomi Sakr
Authors Magda Abu-Fadil, Sonia Dabbous, Victoria Firma-Fontan, Sahar Khamis, Lina Khatib, Gholam Khiabany, Haya al-Mughni, Zahia Smail Salhi, Benaz Somiry-Batrawi, Anabelle Sreberny, Mary Ann Tetreault, Deborah L Wheeler, Naomi Sakr
Format Paperback
Publisher I B Tauris
Keywords Gender issues, Television, Mass-media
Related Country/Global Region Middle East
Language English

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