Library Shelf Location 13.ENWO
Publication Date 2004

This book presents the work of twelve artists, selected by Workplace, who currently live and work in the North East of England. All of the artists have either been involved in previous Workplace projects, or will be included in its future programme. Workplace is an artist led organisation that was founded in 2002.

As part of BALTIC Self-Publishing Artists' Market 2018 the Women Artists of the North East Library had a one-day residency in BALTIC Library, researching the collection for records of exhibitions and projects by women artists associated with the North East. The documents found were pulled out of the collections to form a new online reading list of BALTIC Library. This also contributed to the Women Artists North East Library’s research.

This book now forms part of that reading list and contains work by Catherine Bertola, Tanya Axford, Laura Lancaster and Sarah Walton.

ISBN 1873757158
Quantity 2
Pages 87
Editors Miles Thurlow, Paul Moss, Richard Forster
Authors Paul Usherwood, J J Charlesworth, Moira Jeffery, Laura Moffatt, Adam Sutherland, Sarah Martin, Ross Birrell, Lisa Le Feuvre, Bruce Haines, Robert Blackson, Maeve Polkinhorn, Isabel Vasseur
Format Paperback
Publisher Art Editions North
Related Artists Catherine Bertola, Francis Gomila, Matt Stokes, Tanya Axford, Stephen Palmer, Laura Lancaster, Paul Merrick, Sarah Walton, Miles Thurlow, Paul Moss, Paul Stone, Richard Forster
Keyword Women Artists of the North East Library: Reading/Viewing List
Related Country/Global Region Britain/UK
Related Gallery Workplace Gallery, Gateshead
Artist's Nationality British/UK
Language English

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