Worlds of Performance: Acting (Re)Considered - Theories and Practices

Worlds of Performance: Acting (Re)Considered - Theories and Practices
Library Shelf Location 29a.ZARR
Publication Date 1998
Description Books about acting usually tend towards the predictable, the mainstream, the safely tried and tested. "Acting (Re)Considered" attempts to break that mould. It is a challenging collection of seminal essays about intercultural theories of acting, training and the actor's body in performance. "Acting (Re)Considered" aims to prove useful as an essential resource of every theatre student's repertoire, whether they are studying the history, the theory, or the practice of acting. Included are discussions on acting by or about most of the major figures who have shaped late 19th- and 20th-century performance, such as: Delsarte; Meyerhold; Copeau; Decroux; Artaud; Brecht; Growtowski; Barba; Suzuki; Fo; Rosenthal; and DaFoe. "Acting (Re)Considered " should transform the possibilities for teachers and students of acting.
ISBN 9780415098595
Quantity 1
Pages 378
Editor Phillip B Zarrilli
Format Paperback
Publisher Routledge
Category Theatre
Language English

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