Xtreme Fashion

Xtreme Fashion
Library Shelf Location 25.SMIT
Publication Date Mar 2005
Description In Xtreme Fashion authors Courtenay Smith and Sean Topham turn their attention to the fashion world, where haute couture is taking a backseat to serious concerns about the environment, personal safety, and privacy. Featuring more than 300 color photos and fascinating text, the authors show how real fashion starts on the streets, born of urban conditions from gang culture to teenybopper worship. They showcase the works of designers, artists, and other creative individuals such as Moreno Ferrari, Freddie Robins, Vexed Generation, Alicia Framis, Daniele Buetti, Lucy Orta, and Hussein Chalayan to illustrate the demand for clothing that can protect, extend, alter, mark or mask the human body. Putting forth the idea that truly extreme fashion is not designed to be outlandish, but useful, Xtreme Fashion looks beyond the latest hemlines and “new blacks” to clothing and accessories that respond to the world we live in.
ISBN 9783791331751
Quantity 1
Pages 160
Authors Courtenay Smith, Sean Topham
Publisher Prestel Verlag
Category Fashion
Language English

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