You Heard Us | A project by Baltic Young Producers

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Publication Date 19 May 2023

Young Producers are a group of 14-19 year olds who meet every other week at Baltic to plan events, projects and commissions that platform the voices, ideas and concerns of young people and campaign for change. You Heard Us is about putting the art and words of people who aren't always heard in the most public of places.

This series of risograph prints, developed in collaboration with artists Foundation Press and Luca Rutherford can be found across the North East; in Metro stations and shopping centres. The group were asked to think about their dream worlds and interviewed each other about them. These posters display quotes from the interview transcripts. This collection of work interrupts the everyday and the mundane, asking you to imagine, a brighter and more positive future.

Baltic Young Producers are Cecilia, Ceoladh, Chloe, Elena, Emily, Freya, Grace H, Grace R, Grace S, Isabel, Isabella, Katie K, Katie R, Lara, Millie, Niko, Rosie, Sadie, Sarina, Sophie, Taylor, Zuzanna. This project has been made possible thanks to Nexus, NE1 and Virgin Money Foundation.

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Related Artists Foundation Press, Luca Rutherford
Keywords BALTIC Learning, co-production, Young People, ArtMix (BALTIC Young People's Group), Baltic Young Producers, Social Action, Billboard posters, Posters, Public spaces, Dreams

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