Young Chinese Artists: The Next Generation

Young Chinese Artists: The Next Generation
Library Shelf Location 15.CNNO
Publication Date Nov 2008
Description The artists presented in this book came of age in a time when freedom of thought and expression was possible, if not exactly permitted. Unlike their predecessors, these artists do not feel a compulsion to politicise their work. The result is a generation that accepts materialism and economic growth as a part of the Chinese experience - and this paradigm is apparent in their arresting and often shocking works of art. This book also gives voice to other representatives of this generation outside the art world, which puts the artists presented here and their works in a broader cultural context. This volume features nearly thirty artists, examples of their work, and short texts about their art and lives in China.
ISBN 9783791341088
Quantity 1
Pages 295 p. : col. ill ; 29 cm.
Authors Christoph Noe, Cordelia Steiner, Xenia Piech
Format Hardback
Publisher Prestel Publishing, New York
Related Artists Cao Fei, Zhou Jinhua, Zhang Ding, Yang Yong, Wu Junyong, Wen Ling, Wei Jia, Wang Guangle, Tang Maohong, Ta Men (They), Qiu Xiaofei, Ma Yanhong, Liu Weijian, Liu Ren, Liu Ding, Liang Yue, Li Qing, Li Jikai, Li Hui, Han Yajuan, Gong Jian, Chi Peng, Chen Qiulin, Chen Ke, Xu Zhen
Category Art from a specific country
Related Country/Global Region China
Language English

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