Zhan Wang: The New Suyuan Stone Catalogue

Zhan Wang: The New Suyuan Stone Catalogue
Library Shelf Location 18.WANG
Publication Date 2011
Description Natural stone is not in itself art, but in the eyes of the Chinese people it symbolizes nature and the cosmos. Naturally formed rocks were called jiashanshi, and are not like other works of art. They are “ready-mades” selected by humans from nature, and in collecting these ready- made forms from nature, people seek out “divine creation,” a sort of quasi-religion, a non- worshiped “spirit,” an origin of the universal. Seen in this light, jiashanshi cannot solely be defined by the idea of “art.” It is more a concept, a philosophical perspective necessary for real life. For over the past twenty years, contemporary artist Zhan Wang has been creating stainless steel jiashanshi that have reached international acclaim, and while even though the surface of these works is “artificial,” the interior is actually still a natural form, a concealed “truth,” because true nature has already become void. This publication explores these grand creations, providing a refreshing way of negotiating tradition within contemporary public spaces. Zhan Wang narrates the stories behind each artificial rock project. Through each case study he shares insights into contemporary art practice, criticism, collection, and distribution. Artist biography: Born 1962 Beijing, China. Graduated from Beijing Industrial Arts College, 1981. Master of Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture, Beijing. Lives and works in Beijing. Currently Associate Professor of Sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.
ISBN 9788881588053
Quantity 1
Pages 144
Author Zhan Wang
Format Hardback
Publisher Charta
Related Artist Zhan Wang
Categories Public/Landscape Art, Sculpture
Artist's Nationality Chinese
Language English

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