The Encampment of Eternal Hope

5 OCTOBER 2012 - 13 JANUARY 2013
 BALTIC will premiere The Encampment of Eternal Hope, a major new sculptural installation by Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich extending their enquiry into the role of art as an active agent for transformation in society. Taking apocalyptic predictions for 21 December 2012 – the end date for the Mayan Calendar – as an imaginative catalyst, the project envisages a post-apocalyptic utopian community, a kind of ‘garden of earthly delights’.  This ambitious participatory installation will evolve within the gallery space involving audiences in a programme of events, which bring together experts in the fields of ecology, economy and the arts to explore hopes and fears for future survival. 

The Encampment of Eternal Hope is a nomadic social sculpture, field laboratory and evolving community. Part-tent and part-garden, it seeks out positive strategies for future living at a time of global uncertainty. The collaborative duo are renowned for their large-scale participatory events and exhibitions that invite audiences to imagine better worlds.

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